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7 Most Extreme Airports In the World

7 Most Extreme Airports In the World
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Flying a plane isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes it becomes even difficult to sit inside a plane going to land on a dangerous airport. They are the most extreme and hazardous airports because of some non conventional features.

1.    Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Nepal: This airport is the most dangerous airport in the world. With a fall of 9,200 feet, the airport does not have any radar or navigation devices and the pilot only depends on what he sees from cockpit. OMGVIS0242-1

2.    Toncontín International Airport in Honduras: This airport is among the most thrilling airports around the globe. The airport has a very short runway and mountains surrounding it make things difficult for a pilot while landing.OMGVIS0242-2

3.    Gustaf III Airport in Saint Barthélemy: If you are among the people who love to have spine-tingling adventure, then you must sit inside a plain landing on Gustaf III Airport. It has tight angles, short landing strip, hills and unusual wind conditions. OMGVIS0242-3

4.    Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten: The airport is a hotspot for people who love to watch close landings. The plane lands very close to the beach. Some brave tourists come to see the phenomenon. OMGVIS0242-4

5.    Gibraltar Airport in Gibraltar: The airport crosses a four-lane main road. It has area of about 2.3 square miles. When the plane takes off or land, traffic is stopped. OMGVIS0242-5

6.    Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong: The airport had low-flying routes through the city which made it difficult for pilots to land a plane. Due to the dangers, the airport was shot down after more than a decade.OMGVIS0242-6

7.    Courchevel Airport in France: Those with fears of flying should not sit inside a plane landing on France’s Courchevel Airport. The airport has been put in the list of the most dangerous airports around the world because of its extremely short uphill runway.        OMGVIS0242-7

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