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7 things every mom of a teenage girl knows are true

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In teenage, girls go through a lot of changes and so do their behaviors. Here are the things every mom of a teenage girl knows are true:

1. You understand that her hormones are uncontrollable. Sometimes she is the sweetest girl ever, calling you ‘mommy’ and telling you that she loves you. Then the mood swings start, and she starts slamming doors. She is the person who annoys you the most, as well as the person you love the most.OMGA0255-1
2. A mom of a teenage girl understands that her daughter at times wants to hang out in her room – preferably with the door shut and no one else in there. Initially you missed your daughter, but now you respect her privacy, and she knows if she needs her family she only has to open her door.OMGA0255-2
3. Your daughter uses words that you have never heard of, such as YOLO, FML, and LOL. But, then, you understand that it’s how teenagers act these days and is fine as long as it is not abusive.OMGA0255-3
4. Sometimes you miss talking to your teen daughter as the whole day she is busy in texting, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. She seems to talk to her friends nearly every minute of the day.OMGA0255-4
5. She spends more time in the bathroom as compared to any other member of the family. She wears make up, shaves her legs and it takes her about an hour to get ready for school every day.OMGA0255-5
6. When you tell her to tidy up, at first, she gets annoyed at you, but then when you really push her she will do it.OMGA0255-6
7. Sometimes you end up annoying your princess. You love her and all you want to do is protect and look after her. But, she is getting old enough to start making her own decisions, so she gets irritated sometimes. Thus, you take a small step back, but are always there if she makes a bad decision.

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