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7 Things Girls Love to Hear

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Every single man on the planet would agree that when it about saying something sweet, girls can never have enough of it. The more they get, the more they want! There are countless things that girls love to hear, but we have shortlisted some of them.

1.    You Are the Sweetest Person in the World: Compliment a girl and she will make your day. Compliment a girl that she is the sweetest person you have ever met in your life and what you will get in return will be countless. OMGVIS0241-1

2.    Will You Spend the Rest of Your Life With Me: Some girls are extra sensitive. She always has a fear that her man will leave her for some stupid reason. To gain her trust, ask ‘will you spend the rest of your life with me’?OMGVIS0241-2

3.    You Are Gorgeous: Don’t hesitate if you get an opportunity to woo her with a shower of compliments. Believe, the more you compliment her, the more you will get in return. Whether it is about her look or dress, compliment her. OMGVIS0241-3

4.    I Am Lucky To Have You: If you get an opportunity, tell her how incomplete your life would be without her. Show her how she has made your life amazing. OMGVIS0241-4

5.    What Are Your Opinions: May be she is not an expert, but always take her advice. Whether it is about buying a new car or just a new book, take her opinion. Show her that her opinion is important to you. OMGVIS0241-5

6.    Your Smile is Mesmerizing: There is no second thought about a girl’s smile: it’s always mesmerizing. Compliment her for her smile and in return, you will get another beautiful smile.OMGVIS0241-6

7.    You Are The First Woman in My Life: Girls love to hear so. Prove her that you are a one woman man. It will be satisfactory for her. Say this phrase if you really mean it.      OMGVIS0241-7

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