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7 Things only new parents would understand

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If you have recently become parents to a prince or a beautiful princess, then here are the things you would understand very well:

1. You suddenly become safety and health fanatic. You make sure that everything is properly washed and disinfected, and the whole house thoroughly baby-proofed. You just don’t want to risk the baby getting ill or hurt.OMGA0251-1
2. You have suddenly started referring to each other as mommy and daddy.OMGA0251-2
3. You never knew such a kind of strange blend of fear and joy was even possible. Following the birth of a baby, you feel worried and scared, but at the same time overjoyed and protective, and you are lost for words when it comes to describing how you feel.OMGA0251-3
4. You might have thought that you were a night owl, but now you know better. After the coming of little bundle of joy, you have to get up several times during night. You have started feeling tiresome, sleepy and restless.OMGA0251-4
5. No doubt the birth of baby is a magical experience, but at the same time it is also quite physically and mentally tiring, especially during the first few months after the delivery. You need to keep balance between lack of sleep coupled with the extra stress of caring for the baby and your work and other obligations. All this result into having adverse effects on your health.OMGA0251-5
6. Who doesn’t love to do shopping? But, when it comes to buy clothes for a baby, it gets quite tough. You buy a lot of clothes for your baby but they just keep outgrowing them.OMGA0251-6
7. When it gets to take care of the baby, truly speaking it’s very tough. You suddenly become much more patient with your parents, as you need all the help you can get.OMGA0251-7

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