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7 tips to boost your kid’s confidence

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Your child is shy, hesitates to speak out, and has low confidence? Don’t worry at all; here are 7 simple tips to boost your little one’s confidence:

1. Most importantly, your focus should be on identifying his strengths and his weaknesses. Encourage and boost him to work on his strengths and add up to them. OMGA0256-1
2. Comparison is the thief of joy. Never compare your child’s efforts and success with other children or siblings. Avoid using statements like, “He scored better than you”, “Your brother was top ranker”, etc. Appreciate what your child has done and what he is capable of. This will boost up his confidence.

3. Let your child have a sense of freedom to do whatever he feels like, be it a game or an extra activity. Such a thing would create a feeling of independence and self confidence in him, and he will realize that he too can choose what he feels like.

4. If your child is not so good in academics, but in some other activity, say sports, try not to discourage. Just assure him that he can excel the same in studies, as he does in sports. By doing this, you will help him to get confident about his capabilities and will motivate him to work further.

5. In the present era, a person with good communication skills is believed to be better off as compared to someone who is articulate. Help your child in developing a fearless attitude in public speaking or enroll him/her in co- curricular activities such as acting, theater workshops, etc.

6. Your child should have the freedom to try new things and learn from her mistakes. This is important to know the art of getting up; no matter how many times one falls. You’re your child to try new things like cooking, cycling, etc., and then take a step back to let him try on his own.

7. As per many studies, one of the main reasons prevailing behind a low-confident youth is the pressure thrust upon him by his parents. So, never force your ideologies upon your child, instead comfort him with his choices.

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