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7 Types of People You Meet At A Party

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No matter how hard your life is, you always attend a party. If you a party lover, you may have noticed that several kinds of people attend a party. Here are some of them:

1.    The Dance-lovers: People who love to dance attend a party just to shake their booties. They are the people who can dance on any beat. OMGVIS0246-12.    The Foodies: Such people don’t care about the chief guest and the theme. They just want to eat loads of foods. They can be found near food stalls. The Foodie Bugle Lunch Party3.    The Beer Pong Players: They are always high. They love to drink beer and play beer pong. For them, it is not a game, it’s a way of life.   OMGVIS0246-3
4.    The Over-dressed: Such people attend a party to show their new dresses and get compliments. They start shopping months before the party.OMGVIS0246-45.    The Clique: They are like a gang. They come together, stay together, eat together and then leave together.OMGVIS0246-56.    The Selfie Lovers: They can be spotted with their phones. They love to take their photos with everything in the party. ????????????????????????????????????7.    Gossip Girls: For such people, party is an opportunity to talk nonstop.


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