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8 Things Everyone With A Best Friend of The Opposite Gender Gets To Hear

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Being someone’s best friend is the best thing ever that happens to an individual. There are some people who have different definitions of friendship, especially when you have a best friend of the opposite gender. Here are some things you usually get to hear, if your best friend is from the opposite gender.

1.    Are you serious you two are just friends? How it could be possible? OMGVIS0244-1

2.    A girl and a guy can never be best friends. We have seen that in a number of movies. You guys will fall in love with each other soon. What an exciting movie! Excited young couple eating popcorn and drinking soda while watching movie at the cinema

3.    You guys understand each other so well; why don’t you date each other? Are you not seeing each other? Young college friends studying together in a classroom

4.    You never looked at each other that way? Are you sure you are not seeing each other?OMGVIS0244-4

5.    Your parents will scold you if they find that you’re friend with an individual from an opposite gender. Parents scolding their teenage son and daughter

6.    You will hate each other’s boyfriend/girlfriend, so you should date each other. OMGVIS0244-6

7.    In future, you will end up marrying each anyway. Like it happens in a number of romantic movies.OMGVIS0244-7

8.    You are lying! You must have feelings for each other. Young happy smiling attractive couple, outdoors

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