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8 Things Girls Do When They Are Alone

8 Things Girls Do When They Are Alone
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In the world full of girls, words like boredom and loneliness do not exist. Here are some things that most of the girls do when they are alone.
1.    Girls have a special bond with makeup. It is like oxygen for them. When they are alone, they put some makeup. In addition, they love to try some new makeup styles.   OMGVIS0248-12.    Some girls love to dance on their favorite songs when there is no one around. They can dance on loud music for hours.25/03/2013. World Irish Dancing3.    Some of the girls love to take shamelessly long showers while singing their favorite singer’s songs. 10016489674.    Girls love to do experiment with their hair. When they are alone, they try different hair styles.OMGVIS0248-45.    Gossip is among the favorite activities of a girl. They always have many things to discuss with their friends. When they are alone, they call their other friends and start bitching.OMGVIS0248-56.    A number of girls take turn to social media. They take countless selfies and then share them on sites like Facebook and Instagram. OMGVIS0248-67.    When no one is around, girls forget about their diet and eat loads of junk food. OMGVIS0248-78.    They try new and different outfits.  OMGVIS0248-8

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