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8 things people who are tough on the outside but soft on the inside never told you

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There are a lot of people whom we meet every day, those don’t believe in showing off their feelings, and dry kind of people. Here are some things that people who are tough on the outside but soft on the inside never told you:

1. These people are usually very honest and direct with their words. They lead life with a different approach when it comes to care for others. They might sound rough, rude at times but it doesn’t mean they don’t care for you. They love you but don’t believe in showing off their feelings.OMGA0238-1
2. Tough people don’t open up easily. They have their insecurities too. They face difficulty in getting emotionally close to any person, you never know may be they might have been hurt by others in the past. OMGA0238-2
3. They are blunt people but it doesn’t mean they don’t feel the pain inside. They show you that nothing is wrong on the outside, but actually, in reality, it hurts them as much as it hurts you in the inside.

4. They don’t listen or pay any attention to your problems at times, not because they don’t care about you but it’s because they know they can’t help you. They understand the fact that if you don’t want to change your life for the better, then they can’t do anything in it.

5. Such people are tough and are generally mistaken as cold. But, then, this doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, the thing is they just find it difficult to express themselves.

6. You are wrong if you think that they are supermen or wonder women, because they are humans like you. If they show their tougher side in front of you then it doesn’t mean that they have no problems at all. They know that complaining is not going to help them, so they prefer to spend time alone thinking about how they can resolve a problem.

7. Tough people try to maintain a strong outlook, thus they don’t display their emotions publicly. They are afraid to be seen as weak. They think that if they will express then others might take advantage of their vulnerability.

8. Such people are independent and self-sufficient. No doubt they can do a lot of things own their own but at times they need help from other people too. Sometimes they feel shy in asking others for help, so you should always offer them help once in a while even if they haven’t said a single word about it.

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