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10 Indicators you are emotionally intelligent

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Do you know how to handle, manage your emotions in a balanced way? Well, if yes, then here are the indicators you can go through to confirm that whether you are emotionally intelligent or not:

1. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You know yourself very well. You are aware of your loopholes and work hard to overcome your weaknesses.OMGA0248-1
2. Emotionally intelligent people are fascinated by human behavior. You are in a habit of noticing things like body language, dialect, and personal tics. Being a people-watcher you can easily find clues about what makes each individual special.OMGA0248-2
3. You know that all love to express and they feel good when somebody is there to hear them. You are a good listener.OMGA0248-3
4. You have set priorities in life, and you go by them. You are willing to say no, when you have to.

5. You believe in living in the present moment and enjoy it to the fullest. You are tuned in now.

6. Emotionally intelligent people are at peace with the past. You don’t have time to regret. You believe in moving forward into the present, because that’s where progress happens.

7. You know yourself very well, and are capable of figuring out why are you sad. You often do self analysis.

8. Emotionally intelligent know that it’s not good to give the reaction instantly. They understand the situation and then give a say on that.

9. You don’t get freaked out worrying about the future. Emotionally intelligent people are never obsessed with future events outside of their control. They face the future as it comes.

10. You are helpful in nature. You are always eager to help people. Emotionally intelligent people don’t need a reason to help others.

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