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10 things only observant people would understand

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You love to observe the world around you, if yes, then, here are the things you can very well relate to:

1. You are very analytical. The thing about being observant is that attention to detail goes hand in hand with analysis. Observant people notice everything because to them everything is important and matters.OMGA0249-1
2. Generally we check our phones or play Candy Crush while waiting for the subway or stand in line at the supermarket because we can’t stand boredom, but such is not the case when we talk about observant people. For you, this is just an opportunity to practice mindfulness.OMGA0249-2
3. You love observing every single thing due to which you are a very good listener.

4. You can easily tell when others are lying to you. Observant people notice everything from a body language, posture, eye contact, facial expressions, to changes in breathing. You can’t hide anything from an observant person.

5. You have better organizational skills as compared to others as you can easily make out if something has changed. You have everything you need at your fingertips.

6. You practice deductive reasoning. You don’t come to a conclusion instantly rather they would look at both the sides of the situation.

7. You have better survival skills. You know that distractions interfere with focus and are thus more likely to practice situational awareness, remaining alert in situations that can be potentially dangerous.

8. You must have heard at some point of your life that you stare too much. But, people can’t understand that you don’t stare them to tease them, or irritate them, rather you do so because you like to know people, observe them.

9. You are always attentive to social dynamics and can read body language extremely well. Due to which, you can easily determine how people treat one another. You are a great judge of character.

10. You have a strong sense of orientation. You notice everything due to which you are excellent at spotting landmarks or points of orientation, especially in large or crowded environments.

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