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10 Things You Do Every day That Damage Your Body

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It’s not like we are damaging our body by doing wrong things intentionally. Some we do harmful stuff everyday without realizing their consequences. Here are some of the things we do every day that damage our body.
1.    Using your personal computer for a long time can damage your health. The computer’s brightness can cause problems like eye strain and headaches. OMGVIS0254-12.    Do you love lemon? If yes, then you must think about it. According to health experts, acidity of lemon could pose harm to teeth enamel. OMGVIS0254-23.    Sleeping for fewer than six hours or over ten hours could result into a number of chronic diseases.OMGVIS0254-34.    There are many people who use blow dryer every day. Heat causes the hydrogen bonds in your hair to deteriorate which could make your hair weak.OMGVIS0254-45.    Bathing everyday could also pose threat to your body. According to some reports, showers with hot water can pose harm to body lipids.OMGVIS0254-56.    Biting pencils can be harmful for your teeth. It can also shift the positioning of them.OMGVIS0254-67.    Jogging is good for health, but it also increases the risks of arthritis, especially in knees. OMGVIS0254-78.    The risks of heart disease increase by more than 60% when you are sitting in your office for more than six hours. OMGVIS0254-89.    Staying indoor for a long time could be harmful for you. When you are hiding yourself in a house, you are not consuming vitamin D which is very important.OMGVIS0254-910.    Popcorn can damage your teeth when they stuck in them. OMGVIS0254-12

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