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7 things only working parents could understand

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You know what, becoming a working parent is not at all an easy task. When you choose to have a child and balance a day-to-day job, you enter into a phase of life which can be stressful, demanding, exhausting and yes, can equally be thrilling. Here are the things only working parents could understand:

1. You learn to ask for help, in fact, you have become great at it. You have started learning to learn to rope in available family members for babysitting shifts whenever possible.OMGKAV0252-1
2. If you are a working parent then I must tell you scheduling is the key. One of the most important things you realize on becoming working parent is that you need to schedule everything. You’re not just dealing with your own schedule but with one who needs your loving attention most hours of the day.OMGKAV0252-2
3. As soon as you become working parent, you begin to form stronger boundaries. You can’t just afford to work over time or work over a weekend.OMGKAV0252-3
4. Occasionally, your guilt levels reach to highest peaks. You can’t stay at home all day, but then you can’t be wholly committed to your work, but then even though, you’re expected to be both. All such kind of situations give you stress, making you feel guilty.OMGKAV0252-4
5. You get to learn that your sleep has become even more precious. You find yourself rejoicing at early bedtimes. You pray that your child sleeps through the night, giving you a few blissful hours of uninterrupted, restorative dreamtime.OMGKAV0252-5

6. You, no longer, get to spend time with your children, and thus you try your level best to guard family time. You make sure that your weekends become no-go zones for anything related to work, and become more determined to do something with your children on that weekend.OMGKAV0252-6

7. Once you become working parent, you are often found doing a lot of things at the same time. In fact, you become a master of multitasking.OMGKAV0252-7

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