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8 Amazing Facts About Indian TV Serials

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Indian TV daily soaps go beyond being simple forms of entertainment. When you think these television programs cannot get any worse, they serve you the latest dish. Here are some of the amazing facts of Indian TV serials.
1.    Indian television serials always have loud background noises. Sometimes, the voices are so loud that you cannot understand what the character is saying. OMGVIS0257-12.    In initial episodes of a show, hero and heroine have hatred for each other, but sooner or later, they fell in love with each other.OMGVIS0257-23.    The storyline of every Indian daily show is predictable. According to it, hero falls in love with heroine, marries her and then divorces her. After that, he marries heroine’s sister, divorces her too and then marries the heroine again. OMGVIS0257-34.    Every TV serial has a joint family. All the incidents revolve around that family. There is always a villain in the family who screws up everyone’s life. OMGVIS0257-45.    Women in the show eat, sleep and do everything in style. They can even sleep with heavy jewelry.OMGVIS0257-56.    Nobody dies a natural death. There is always a heart-attack scene or an accident. OMGVIS0257-67.    The lead character is always a woman, who is betrayed foolishly by others characters. She always has an extremely unhappy life.OMGVIS0257-7
8.    Elder characters can live more than 200 years. OMGVIS0257-8

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