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8 Biggest Lies Our Parents Told Us When We Were Kids

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Being parent is not any easy task. They always make sure that their children are strong and learning good things. Sometimes, they tell lie to their children to encourage them. Here are eight of those biggest lies:

1.    Children always have a question in their mind: Where do babies come from? When they ask their parents, they receive answer that parents pray to god and then an angel comes and delivers babies.OMGVIS0249-12.    While eating fruit, children are always asked to avoid eating seeds. According to the parents, if you eat the seeds, a tree will start growing inside you.OMGVIS0249-23.    Every child must drink milk. If you drink milk, you will grow big and tall.OMGVIS0249-34.    If you will cross your eyes for a long time, they will get stuck like that.OMGVIS0249-45.    When you went to receive an injection, you always had fear of the needle. That time, parents used to say that it is not going to hurt. OMGVIS0249-56.    Study hard and next year, you will get enough time to enjoy. OMGVIS0249-67.    If you will crack your knuckles, you will have arthritis.OMGVIS0249-78.    Watching television for a long time may damage your eyesight.Young Boy Watching Television

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