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8 struggles every mother keeps to herself

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Moms put a lot of pressure on themselves to be “perfect” and to be the women who appear in all of those parenting books. Mothers struggle a lot to make sure her family is happy. Here are some struggles that every ‘Mommy’ keeps to herself:

1. She has patiently weathered your tantrums. Rather she has always tried to make you see the right path, no more how blurry the life was.OMGKAV0251-1
2. She had to walk the tight line between parent and friend. All that a mother wants in life is to see the warm smiles on her children’s faces, have fun with them and talk to them about all kinds of things. Mothers are your best friends and teachers at the same time.OMGKAV0251-2
3. She has struggled to understand all the things that kids are up to these days, just to connect to you in a better way. OMGKAV0251-3
4. Following the birth of a child, she has turned from a normal woman to a super heroine protector. No matter how was she feeling she was always there for you.OMGKAV0251-4
5. She has a habit of pointing out your mistakes. She is very well aware of the fact that you will hear most of her advice as nagging and she is okay with that. She knows that kids will moan, fuss and generally make the whole process difficult, but she keep up her “nagging” until the lesson has been fully understood.OMGKAV0251-5
6. Do you remember that favorite toy of yours? Or the times when you demanded for some sweets and she gave you even though times were tough? You know what, in most of such cases it was your mom who silently sacrificed her stuff just to make sure that there was always enough money left to keep you well-fed and well-dressed.OMGKAV0251-6
7. She has shed thousands of tears for you in the times of joy, sadness, and anger. You are her life.OMGKAV0251-7
8. She was your companion in watching all those cartoons with you. She even watched the same cartoons over and over again until she learned the lines by heart, just to make you happy and bring a smile on your face.OMGKAV0251-8

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