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10 Shocking Things Banned Around The World

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World is a shocking place to live. There are many strange things that happen around the world every day. Here are 10 of those things:
1.    In Singapore, you cannot walk around naked in your house.   OMGVIS0265-1
2.    You cannot die in the House of Parliament in England. Anyone who dies there would be technically worthy of a state funeral.OMGVIS0265-2
3.    Tomato ketchup is not for sale in France. The county banned ketchup in primary schools because it changes the taste of food. OMGVIS0265-3
4.    The word game Scrabble is banned in Romania. OMGVIS0265-4
5.    If you are living in Iran, you cannot have mullets, pony tails and other western hairdos. The government has banned western hair cuts for men.OMGVIS0265-5
6.    In Australia, there is a ban on pornography involving women with smaller breasts.OMGVIS0265-6
7.    In Australia’s Victoria, you cannot change an electric bulb unless you are a licensed electrician.OMGVIS0265-7
8.    South Korea has banned video games after midnight.OMGVIS0265-8
9.    You cannot chew gum in Singapore. According to the government, it creates a menace in maintaining the property.OMGVIS0265-9
10.    It is illegal to die in Brazil because cemetery in Biritiba-Mirim was filling.          OMGVIS0265-10

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