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10 Truths About Marriage

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By the time you decided to get married, you think you know your partner very well. Wedding day is always exciting for everyone. After that day, your life changes and you become a responsible person. Do you know everything about marriage? Here are some truths about marriage:
1.    Before marriage, you were a free bird. You were free to fly, but after marriage, you are a team. You have to consider your partner before making a decision. OMGVIS0264-12.    The first year after your marriage will be hard. It is the time when you learn several things about your partner and try to adjust with them.OMGVIS0264-23.    You will have arguments with your partner a number of times in your life. There may be a time when you have to go to the bed angry. OMGVIS0264-34.    You will have to face tough time together. You may lose temper sometimes. OMGVIS0264-45.    There will be a time when you decide to be sensitive to your partner and to yourself. OMGVIS0264-5
6.    Marriage is a serious thing and it is the most important promise you ever make to anyone. You realize it soon after your marriage. OMGVIS0264-67.    You will not be happy all the time after your marriage. Sometimes, your spouse’s silly mistakes will make you angry. OMGVIS0264-78.    You and your partner will fight over strange things. OMGVIS0264-89.    You may lose some friends after your marriage. Your partner will become your best friend and friend for life. OMGVIS0264-910.    You will make memories with your partner that could never be replaced.           OMGVIS0264-10

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