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7 signs that prove you forgive and forget easily

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All of us at sometimes in life get into arguments with some people, have fights, got ditched, faced betrayal, etc. But some of us no matter how angry we were at that point of time, but sooner or later forgets and forgives. Here are the signs that prove you forget and forgive easily:

1. You no longer feel that anger inside you when ever that person’s name comes in front of you. You have got lenient about that incident.OMGKAV0255-1
2. After some time, you get more interested in prioritizing your peace of mind than staying mad at them.OMGKAV0255-2
3. You don’t get upset while talking about that person anymore.

4. You instead have started looking at all those good times spend with those people. You have no longer given any space to negative thoughts in your mind.

5. All you wish for is that everybody stays happy in their life, of course that includes your enemies too, whom you once used to hate.

6. When you think of that bad memory or that bad person, then you give yourself the reasons to prove that you at your place were right and the other person was right at his her side. After all, different people have different perspectives.

7. You are one of those people, who when meet even an enemy of yours won’t mind starting a conversation or shaking hand. You are like let it go.

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