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7 Stupid Things People Do Online

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Internet can bring lots of joy, but sometimes it becomes pain when you start doing stupid things on it. A number of times, people do things on Internet that they should not do.
1.    Whenever people see a picture of hot girl or a message saying ‘you are the lucky winner’, they click on it without knowing that such pop-ups are virus links.OMGVIS0269-1
2.    Most of the people these days provide their personal information on the Internet to another person whom they never met. OMGVIS0269-2
3.    Online gaming on social media is very popular these days. While playing a game on Facebook, users send invite to all people in their friend list.  OMGVIS0269-3
4.    There are a number of social media websites which allows users to upload their pictures. Some people upload each and every photo of them. OMGVIS0269-4
5.    Some people submit sensitive information like credit card information on websites that are not trusted. They don’t know it could be troublesome for them. OMGVIS0269-5
6.    Some World Wide Web users leave their email addresses everywhere. By doing so, they provide a way to spammers to reach or contact them.OMGVIS0269-6
7.    Downloading free of cost software is not against law. When people came to know that the software are free, they start downloading them without knowing that they are not necessary for them.       OMGVIS0269-7

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