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8 Things Men Don’t Want to Reveal About Them

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Who say it is not easy to understand a woman? It is very difficult to find out what a man wants to say. Here are some of the things that men fear to reveal.

1.    On Monday mornings, a number of men can be seen telling about their weekends to their colleagues. Most of them lie that time. They don’t tell that they spent most of their time on couch watching television. OMGVIS0263-12.    We all know that like women, men also have emotions, but they don’t want to show how they are feeling. They are pretty good at suppressing their emotions. OMGVIS0263-23.    Men never reveal their role in their house. They hesitate while answering questions regarding their personal lives. OMGVIS0263-34.    A man always has some dreams. He wants to buy a supercar and a trip to an amazing place, but not all men get opportunity to fulfil their dreams. They don’t reveal that they are not able to afford the finer things in life.Businessman with thought bubble of the future5.    As most of the men are not able to afford costly trip, they don’t reveal about their travelling. DCIM100GOPRO6.    Not all men are interesting. They love to enjoy their life in their own way. But when it comes about admitting about it, the speak lie that they are very interesting. OMGVIS0263-67.    A man many be unhappy at work, but he will never reveal that he is not loving his job. He will not say that he is not where he should be in life.    Like women, men also get jealous but they never reveal about it.   OMGVIS0263-8

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