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8 Things That Never Happen In Real Life

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Everyone has crazy high expectations in their life which never happen. You can blame your fantasies for that. Here are some of those things:
1.    Unknown people suddenly getting together for an unplanned dance when you are walking down a street. In addition, they are perfectly coordinating the dance routine.  OMGVIS0258-12.    The person you love runs through the entire airport just to tell you how much they love you. They also spring through the airport to stop you. Amazing thing is that nobody stops them.  OMGVIS0258-23.    You are in a bathroom. You close your bathroom mirror and see a person standing behind you who is going to kill you. OMGVIS0258-34.    Eating stuffs like noodles, burgers and spaghetti without getting it all over your face.OMGVIS0258-45.    Something explodes and you successfully walk away from the deadly fire without getting a scratch.OMGVIS0258-56.    You are travelling through a bus or a train and a hot girl comes and sits with you. After that, you become friend with her. OMGVIS0258-67.    You have a pet that not only understands your native language, but talks to you in that.OMGVIS0258-78.    You cannot hack a website of anything else just typing very loudly. While hacking, you are not using the spacebar.OMGVIS0258-8

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