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Eight Myths About Sleep That Are Wrong

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There are many myths about sleep that we hear frequently. Some of us may even experience them far too often. Here are some of the myths about sleeping that are completely wrong.
1.    You may have heard that counting sheep helps in sleep, but according to a latest survey, it is a myth. The survey showed that individuals who thought about a relaxing place fell asleep faster than people who count sheep.Counting Sheep
2.    It is a myth that human brain shuts down during sleep. In actual, the brain is very busy while sleeping.SLEEP WAVE
3.    According to a myth about sleep, one should sleep for eight hours. It is a myth. As per some experts, the sleep time varies. There could be an individual who needs sleep of just five hours, while another individual may need to sleep for nine hours. OMGVIS0261-3
4.    There is a myth that we can only dream in REM sleep, but the reality is that we can dream in different sleep cycles. OMGVIS0261-4
5.    It is a very common misconception that older people require less sleep. Reality is that the sleep time depends on an individual and his health.     OMGVIS0261-5
6.    You will die if you see a dream where you are dying, as per a myth about sleep.OMGVIS0261-6
7.    As per a myth, you yawn when you feel sleepy. It is not true. Yawning has been found to be linked with empathy.OMGVIS0261-7
8.    There is a misconception that you should not wake a person who is sleepwalking. It is not dangerous and you can wake the person, but it could threaten him.     OMGVIS0261-8

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