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Five Kinds of People Found in Every Indian Wedding

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India is well known for its customs, colourful festivals and fat wedding. There are many kinds of people in an Indian wedding who transform an Indian wedding into a fun party. Here are five kinds of people that could be seen in almost every Indian wedding.
1.    Confuse Bride/Grooms Parents: They can be seen moving from one place to another without any reason. Apart from moving to random directions, they can be seen after every ten minutes alternatively at stage for photographs. OMGVIS0266-12.    The Thunder Stealer: She makes sure everyone in the wedding looking at her. Full of jewelry, she sometimes confuses for the bride. OMGVIS0266-23.    The Gossip Mongers: Their sole purpose to attend the wedding is to observe what is going around. They can be seen in every wedding finding fault in bride, groom, food and decoration.  OMGVIS0266-34.    Food Lovers: The only purpose they come to wedding is to eat free food. They eat like it is the last time when they will be served food. They can eat almost anything. OMGVIS0266-45.    The Crazy Dancers: Charged with booze, self styled dancers think they are the only one who can hog the dance floor. Whether, the DJ is playing Justin Timberlake or a Bollywood singer, they have same steps.     OMGVIS0266-5

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