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10 Misconceptions We Had As Kids

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When we were kids, we had our own versions of everything. That time, we thought some of the silliest things. Here are some of the misconceptions that we had as kids.
1.    We used to think that digging a hole in the ground will eventually lead us to the other part of the earth. OMGVIS0274-12.    We thought cow milk comes from brown cows.OMGVIS0274-23.    Some people are still confused about Santa Claus. When we were kids, we thought Santa was real and distributes gifts among kids.OMGVIS0274-34.    If we eat a seed, it will grow a tree inside our stomach.OMGVIS0274-45.    We all had different views about a baby’s birth before knowing the truth. We used to think that babies were delivered to parents by cranes. OMGVIS0274-56.    The Moon used to follow us everywhere.OMGVIS0274-67.    We used to believe that South Pole and North Pole are actually poles. OMGVIS0274-78.    You still may be a fan of WWE and believe it is real. We used to think that in our childhood.OMGVIS0274-89.    We all are fans of Spiderman. When we were kids, we used to think that a spider bite can make you Spiderman. OMGVIS0274-910.    We thought that stars are actually dead people.             OMGVIS0274-10

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