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5 Reasons to Go Green Right Now

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You would have noticed that ‘green’ is hot topic these days. Environment experts have been urging people to go green. Here are five of the reasons why you should take the plunge into a greener lifestyle?

1.    For Better Future: Increasing levels of greenhouse gases have been affecting our quality of life. According to reports, before 1990 to 2004, emissions of greenhouse gases have increased by about 20%. It is important to take necessary steps to go green to protect the mother earth for better future our next generation. OMGVIS0273-12.    Green Food is Real Food: You can stay healthy for a long time if you are eating green and fresh vegetables. According to green eaters, vegetables are the real foods. OMGVIS0273-23.    To Increase Productivity: According to a recent survey, poor air quality has been affecting people’s breathing and brain. By going green, productivity can be increased. OMGVIS0273-34.    For The savings: By going green, you can reduce energy consumption, which further reduces your energy bills. Manufacturing of objects like cans, clothes and furniture require lots of energy. OMGVIS0273-45.    For Your Health: By going green, you are not only helping the environment, but it is also good for you. Improved air and water quality will enhance your quality of life.      OMGVIS0273-5

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