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8 Characters We Encounter While Travelling Through Trains

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Travelling through train is always interesting. During your trip, you meet several kinds of people. Some of them are:

1.    First of all, you encounter people who want to exchange berth with you. They are mostly the old ones who always have some health issues. OMGVIS0269-12.    During your journey, you come to meet some annoying people who talk to one but whole train can listen to them.OMGVIS0269-23.    You meet some annoying kids who irritate you by roaming here and there in the train. They annoy you by asking about your phones and things you have been carrying. CAP214_AM_0234.    There is always a DJ in the train who keeps on playing a playlist of songs. You get annoyed when that person increases the volume of songs so that everyone in the train can enjoy songs free of cost. OMGVIS0269-45.    A train always have some uncles who keep on criticizing people. Politics is always the hot topic for them. OMGVIS0269-56.    You encounter some individuals who know everything about earth. They get down on every station so that they can eat some special dishes of that place. OMGVIS0269-67.    Some people enter the train, sit for some hours, remain on quiet mode and at last, leave the train with mysterious look.OMGVIS0269-8
8.    You will definitely meet over friendly ones when you are travelling. They try to know everything about you.     OMGVIS0269-9

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