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8 Things People Do in Public to Avoid Looking Awkward

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Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant, waiting for your friend who will come after 30 minutes. What you will do in those thirty minutes? Here are some of things that most of the people do in public to avoid looking awkward.

1.    They take out their phones and start checking it over and over again without any specific reason. OMGVIS0271-12.    They know they have nothing to do, so they start calling their other friends. They also text their friends to call or message them. Some people fake a call. ID:670900993.    Some people put on headphones and start listening to songs. OMGVIS0271-34.    They check their bag many times to take out something, but in actual, they don’t want to take out anything. Young woman sitting in cafe looking in shopping bag, smiling

5.    After doing all these things, they start observing people around them. They stare at people and sometimes pass smiles to them. OMGVIS0271-56.    They try to pretend that they are enjoying their own company. OMGVIS0271-67.    They not only stare people but also start judging them. Sometimes, it becomes the best thing to do. Purchase this image at    There are some people who join other lonely people around them. They try to join them in their conversation.


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