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Seven kinds of Co-workers You Have in Your Office

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Office is a place where most of the people spend a huge part of their day with their colleagues. During your office hours, you meet various kinds of co-workers. Some of them could be your friends while some annoy you with their antics. Here are seven types of people you meet in your office every day.

1.    The Yes Man: Such Employees don’t know how to respond with a ‘no’. Whenever their boss asks them to complete a difficult project in a limited time, they always respond with a ‘yes’. They are the ones who can jump off a cliff if their will ask them to do so. OMGVIS0272-12.    The Slacker: They are the employees who don’t believe in working hard. According to them, they will get nothing for working so hard for the company. They always have an excuse to skip their projects.OMGVIS0272-2 3.    The Gossip Lovers: They know about office rumors, scandals and other employees’ personal lives. If you are feeling bored in your office, you can sit with them. A session of just 15 minutes will tell you everything about office.OMGVIS0272-34.    The Fashionista: For them, office is a ramp where they can showcase their new and expensive dresses. They are always well dressed. Their main objective to come to the office is to impress others with their appearance. OMGVIS0272-45.    The Superman: These employees are always involved in every kind of project. They always complete their work before time and do not give any opportunity to their seniors to put a finger at them. OMGVIS0272-56.    The Holiday Lover: They are always on leave. It doesn’t matter for them how to complete their work, they always think how to take leave. OMGVIS0272-67.    The Perfect: They are always the favorite of boss, senior and other employees. They are cool, hard worker, punctual and people friendly. They know how to do their work in the best way.      OMGVIS0272-7

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