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Seven Tea Traditions Around the World

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According to legends, the very first cup of tea was brewed in 2737 BC. That time, dried leaves landed in a boiling cup of water which was served to the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. After that, the thought of tea spread through the globe. Now, there are many countries where people take tea in their own styles. Here are some tea traditions around the world.
1.    Bavarian Tea of Poland: In Poland, tea is made by boiling tea and milk together. A cup of tea is usually taken with rum, brandy and cinnamon powder for a special flavor.OMGVIS0268-12.    Karak Chai of Qatar: Karak Chai is among the most famous drink of Qatar. The tea there is made up from tea and full-cream milk. OMGVIS0268-23.    Chinese Tea: Tea was invented in China and it is among the basic drink in the country’s cuisine. The tea does not include milk and Chinese people take tea many times a day. OMGVIS0268-34.    Cay of Turkey: The drink is usually pronounced as ‘Chai’. In Turkey, it is prepared in two different kettles which are stacked together. The Turkish people take their tea without milk.OMGVIS0268-45.    Iced Tea of Thailand: Residents of Thailand take chilled tea by using milk and sugar. The ingredients are poured over tea and ice cubes in a glass.  OMGVIS0268-5
6.    Matcha of Japan: In Japan, the green form of tea is taken as thin and thick drink. Thin and thick drink can be differentiated by using different quantity of water in the drink. OMGVIS0268-67.    Masala Chai of India: Masala Chai is India’s beloved version of tea. People in India use milk, tea leaves, sugar, and various herbs to prepare the tea.       OMGVIS0268-7

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