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10 life changing benefits of owning less stuff

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Do you own less stuff? Well, if yes, then I must tell you that you are lucky. Here are 10 life changing benefits of owning less stuff:

1. Choosing to accumulate only the essential often results in financial freedom. This way you need to spend less and will be able to save a lot of money.OMGKAV0269-1
2. It is easier to clean. The fewer things in our home, the easier they are to clean. Save time and effort and have a cleaner home.OMGKAV0269-2
3. Live in a smaller space. For most families, a house is the costliest investment they’ll ever make. Even living on your own or with a roommate can cost you much. Help yourself out and have less stuff so you don’t have to find a place big enough to put it in.

4. You save time and feel free. The sense of freedom that comes from minimalism is truly refreshing. You probably don’t realize the amount of energy and time you spend on your things; it’s second nature for most of us. Give yourself more freedom.

5. You own higher quality things. More is not better. better is better. By scaling back on your usual frequent purchases, you have the opportunity to spend more on high quality items that will last – and look good doing it.

6. A minimalist home is significantly less stressful. Living a minimalist life makes your living space less likely to accumulate clutter.

7. You get free from the comparison game. Our culture begs us to own more. Feel better about yourself by making it so you can’t get sucked in to the constant cycle of comparison.

8. You become more productive. Our possessions consume our time more than we realize. Spend less time with stuff and more time on working towards your goals.

9. Your home becomes visually appealing. Make your home more appealing. Simple. Less stuff, less cluttered look. You’ll have a living space that looks tidy and clean with significantly less effort than when you had more possessions.

10. You stay happy. Owning fewer possessions makes you happier. According to a study 87% of people who self-report owning less stuff said they were happier than when they’d owned more.

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