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11 crazy thoughts we all have when he doesn’t text back

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There must have been times when your boyfriend or husband or crush hasn’t replied to your messages and kept you waiting for long times. If you’ve ever been in such a kind of situation you must have thought of at least a few completely crazy things. Here are some of these:

1. The first thing that comes to your mind is “Oh Gosh.. Why is this happening with me yaar?”OMGKAV0279-1
2. You panic and start thinking is he okay? What if he had met with an accident or something? Negative thoughts start overflowing your mind.OMGKAV0279-2
3. Did the message even get delivered to him or not? Should I change my service provider?OMGKAV0279-3
4. In case, you see the blue ticks and still haven’t received any reply, then you truly go crazy. You are like whether he hates you or avoiding you?OMGKAV0279-4
5. Once gone frustrated you feel like, should I pretend the text wasn’t meant for him or was mistakenly sent to him?OMGKAV0279-5
6. Then, you start thinking what if he thinks that I am desperate? And you feel the regret of sending him at first place.OMGKAV0279-6
7. You feel like sending him another message asking about why didn’t he reply you?OMGKAV0279-7
8. I am never going to text him again. If he is busy in his life, then I too am not free. The ‘ego’ thing starts taking birth in you.OMGKAV0279-8
9. A few minutes later, you become restless and decides that you will reply him if he will message you but never going to initiate the conversation by yourself.OMGKAV0279-9
10. Then, you are like, let me check whether he is online on social website at present or not.OMGKAV0279-10
11. Finally, you get fed up and say that Okay I am all fine, I am a strong girl. It doesn’t matter any longer and I have to move on now.          OMGKAV0279-11

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