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5 Signs you are a good escapist

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Escapism is both good and bad thing. Here are the signs you can relate to if you are a good escapist:

1. If you are a creative person and are capable of making your own alternate reality in your mind, then you must be one imaginative and creative person. As you have developed this habit of imagining, you exercise your creative muscles and thus come up with a lot of new ideas all the time.OMGKAV0267-1
2. You are a fiction lover and enjoy reading them. Escapists are incredibly creative and they’re responsible for creating the greatest works of fiction, especially in the fantasy and sci-fi genre. If you are a fellow escapist, you admire their work because it allows you be a part of their imaginary universe. By doing so you get a chance to escape.OMGKAV0266-2
3. If you want to live life on your own terms, then chances are high that you are an escapist. You might be working in a job that you don’t really like, and probably have this burning desire to quit your job. You love to lead life the way you like.

4. Do you daydream a lot? If yes, then you could be an escapist. Escapists are people who want to create their own reality whilst they go about their daily routine. And these day dreams don’t tend to happen purposefully.

5. You love to travel the world and are quick to be bitten by the travel bug. Your idea of travelling is to explore and to embrace the vibrant cultures that the world would has to offer.

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