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6 Warning signs you have stopped growing your talent

6 Warning signs you have stopped growing your talent
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Everybody has a talent in him/her, but not everyone put in efforts to identify it. Here are the things you can relate to if you have stopped growing your talent and are stuck at a point in life:

1. You have stopped taking risks in life, and have started playing safe. If you want to grow with your talents, than you tend to explore and take more risks. Risks are the bedrocks of progress.OMGKAV0266-1
2. You see more roadblocks than opportunities. How do you view a new challenge? Do you see it as exciting or do you see as mountainous? Those who want to improve their talent are not afraid of obstacles or challenges.

3. Mistakes play a vital role in success, but you resent making mistakes. Many talented people make mistakes but are quick to learn from them and correct them. Correcting your attitude and working on it will make you reach in the direction of your aim.

4. You take more than you give, as a result of which no one can fully appreciate you enough for whatever talents you possess. Taking more than giving means that you are not offering more than what you are either paid for or assigned to do.

5. We live in a quick fix-society, many people start looking for an easy way out. You look for the easy way out but sadly that is not the pattern nature has set for each of us. In order to build your talent and maintain a sustainable growth within it, you have to cherish difficulties.

6. You spend a lot of time on the activities that don’t promote your skills. What activities are you investing your time in? Think before giving your time to an activity.

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