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7 critical essentials you must have in your car

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You may not even realize how much time you spend in your car—whether that be commuting, travelling, dropping off, picking up, coming or going.  So, we are here with some critical essentials you must consider for your car:
1.    It’s very irritating when people don’t have coins ready for parking and need to break a note to get spare change. So, try to have a top up point, so you never go dry on coins when you can’t use cards to pay for parking. Especially when you’re in a rush, you’ve got to have coins ready.OMGKAV0273-12.    Cleanliness lies in the “eyes of the beholder.” Although, if a polite passenger says, I don’t mind the mess i.e. stepping on loose papers, coffee cups, crusts and crunchy bits of an unknown item, it somewhere has an impact on him or her. So, tidy up and make it respectable for yourself and others. OMGKAV0273-23.    Never forget to keep a phone charger. Charge your phone when you drive. Plug in when you hop in and never run dry.OMGKAV0273-34.    Smelling good increases confidence. No one wants to worry about bad breath. Most passengers always go for the mints—or even better, a stash of lollipops, when managed carefully, are a nice to have sugar hit. OMGKAV0273-45.    Survival kits are must. Sometimes, we feel like let’s go to the park, the beach or a picnic suddenly. Rain, hail or shine, the survival kit comes in handy for all occasions. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.    Keep some hobby items in your car for you and your kids. Whatever your favorite hobby, always carry something of interestOMGKAV0273-67.    The radio no longer monopolizes our ears. Radical shifts have taken place! In fact, it’s no fun being screamed at by loud irrelevant, unanticipated advertising messages, annoying jingles and radio ad voices. It makes me angry and irritable. So, Pay for Spotify ad free and get a Bluetooth connection.    OMGKAV0273-7

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