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7 steps to a less cluttered life

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Are you living a full on cluttered life? Well in that case, you don’t need to worry anymore, as we are here with 7 steps to lead a less cluttered life:
1.    Learn to work in chunks. You should work with the time that you have. If you know that you’ll only have 10-15 minutes a day during the week to work on your organization, then stick to that. But if you have a few free hours on Saturday afternoon, use that time to accomplish some clutter busting.OMGKAV0271-1
2.    When you view something as a chore, it seems to be boring. So, Viewing focus on the positive way that organization and decluttering makes you feel, and this task will seem more fun.OMGKAV0271-2
3.    Always try to start small, as one of the main reasons that people get overwhelmed when attempting to organize their lives is that they try to take on too much too quickly. Starting with simplifying one area will make the task seem much more doable.OMGKAV0271-3
4.    Follow a simple method. Find a system that works for you and stick to it.OMGKAV0271-4
5.    When you are done with clearing out everything that you will no longer keep, put it somewhere so that you will remember to take it to a donation site or the dump. Why not put that stuff in a trunk.OMGKAV0271-56.    Note down the items that you are reluctant to get rid of, and keep them at a proper place, in an organized way. OMGKAV0271-67.    Before donating or throwing away anything from the house, make sure that everyone living in your house, apartment, etc. understands why you’re doing this and don’t just throw away or donate anything belonging to them without asking first. OMGKAV0271-7

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