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7 unrealistic expectations students always have before exams

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No matter what age we are, we tend to fall into the same traps every time, setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves whether we are taking our first school exams or university finals.

1. We think that at the time of exams we will understand everything, which never happens and as a result we are left baffled. Even if we don’t love our subjects then too we expect to understand them in the run up to exams.OMGKAV0264-1
2. Most of us think that when exams will come, we develop a love of learning. Particularly as we get further through our education, we keep waiting for that moment when it stops feeling like hard work because we just love the learning so much.OMGKAV0264-2
3. Before exam we at times get into negative zone and start thinking that we will fail completely.OMGKAV0264-3
4. You expect from yourself that you are going to write the perfect revision timetable. But, in reality there is no such thing as the perfect revision timetable. And, at times we fall into the trap of spending hours painstakingly crafting a color-coded timetable which accounts for every single minute of the day.OMGKAV0264-4
5. We just expect that we have attended lectures, done projects, were attentive all the time and so our hard work will pay off the moment we will enter our exams. But, hard work and revision goes hand in hand.OMGKAV0264-5
6. We think that we will start revision long before the exams, and there is going to be no cramming, but it never happens. But, instead you work at a slow and steady pace as a result of which at the time of exams there’s no time and so much to do and you are like ARGH!OMGKAV0264-6
7. We often think that tomorrow when we will enter the exam hall, our teachers will tell us that the exams have been cancelled, but alas, such a thing never happens. OMGKAV0264-7

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