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8 Scientific Reasons Beer is Good For You

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You may have heard people saying good things about beer. Surprising thing is that they are actually right. A number of studies have concluded that beer is good for you. Here are some of the reasons why beer is good.
1.    Researchers have found that beer helps in living longer. As per the studies, moderate beer drinkers were about 20%less likely to die during a specified time period than the individuals who never touch a drop.OMGVIS0279-1 2.    There is a common notion that beer drinkers are usually obese which is not true. According to scientists, drinking high-power brews could actually make you thin. A woman serves beer beer during the Oktoberfest --beer festival-- in Malloco, 36 km southwest from Santiago, on October 27, 2013. AFP PHOTO/Hector RETAMAL        (Photo credit should read HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images)3.    There are some people who think that beer is loaded with additives and preservatives. Reality is that beer is all-natural. OMGVIS0279-34.    Will you believe that beer can help an individual with cancer? As per the scientists, beer has an ingredient that helps human body to fight cancer. OMGVIS0279-4
5.    Beer also improves your cholesterol. If you drink beer moderately, it can tilt your HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios.OMGVIS0279-5
6.    According to the studies, beer keeps your brain sharp.OMGVIS0279-6

7.    The studies on beer have revealed that they have noticed decrease of about 40% in kidney stones among beer drinkers.OMGVIS0279-7

8.    Researchers at the University of Montreal found that beer helps combat stress. According to them, just two glasses of beer per day can reduce anxiety or work-related stress.     OMGVIS0279-8

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