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8 Things People in India Do To Imitate Westerners

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Westerners’ life always attracts Indians. A number of Indians try to imitate many things from the western culture. Here are some of the things Indians do to imitate people from Western Europe and North America.
1.    Westerners use the word ‘buck’ to describe money. Some Indians have started a trend of describing rupees as bucks.   OMGVIS0277-12.    Knife and fork are part of western culture. People at that place use to eat food by using the tools. Some influenced Indians have also started using knife and fork. Strange thing is that they are using the tools to eat every dish possible.OMGVIS0277-23.    You may have seen youngsters wearing low waist jeans. Before Indian people, westerners used to wear low waist jeans. OMGVIS0277-34.    Some Indian people have fallen in love with bathtubs. They want to buy them at any cost. OMGVIS0277-4
5.    Some years ago, Indian people used to greet guests with ‘Namaste’, now that method has been replaced with hand shake.

6.    Banana leaves do well when it comes about keeping food fresh, but influenced Indians have started using aluminum foils for the purpose. OMGVIS0277-67.    These days, people in India prefer to buy things from malls at high prices. Before malls, people used to buy things from nearby stores which are cheaper than malls. OMGVIS0277-78.    Every day is a special day! Like westerners, Indians have started celebrating days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on.     OMGVIS0277-8

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