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9 Things only punctual people would understand

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Are you in a habit of being on time always? Well, in that case, here are the things you can definitely relate to:

1. Whenever you plan out an outing with friends, you are always the first one to reach the decided destination.OMGKAV0265-4
2. If ever, in a rare case you get a minute or two late, you become overly apologetic. You are like OMG I am so sorry, blah, blah and blah. You keep on feeling guilty.OMGKAV0265-2
3. Whenever you make a plan with a friend who is always late, you have to factor in a least an hour cushion. Because you know it’s going to be like, for say “Let’s meet at 7 pm!”, but in reality you don’t really need to be there until 8 pm.OMGKAV0265-3
4. At times you try to force yourself to be late, just because you know your friends will be. But it’s a difficult thing to do in your case. You are like, but, how I can’t be there on time.

5. Every time you make a plan with your friends, you always think this might be the time your friend will actually show up on the time you planned. But, deep inside, you know this is a kind of impossible thing.

6. During night, you wake up a number of times because you’re scared that you won’t be up on time. You keep on thinking that, “I have to be awake by 7am at any cost’.

7. You get annoyed when perpetually late people think it’s some kind of “cute” character trait. You are like, um, that’s not at all cute, and straight up rude.

8. While waiting for a friend of yours, you keep on worrying about your phone’s battery life because who knows how long he will keep you waiting.

9. You live life by a motto: “If you’re early, you’re on time, and if you’re on time, you’re late”.

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