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10 cleaning tips for lazy people

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Here are the simple tips you can follow to keep your house clean that too without doing a lot of work in the easiest way possible:

1. You can keep a handled sponge filled with half dishwashing liquid and half white vinegar and do a little scrubbing while you’re waiting for the conditioner to set in your hair. By doing so, you will be able to do two things at the same time.OMGKAV0277-1
2. Spray a no-wipe cleaner on your shower walls every time you bathe. You don’t even have to touch those grimy tiles.OMGKAV0277-2
3. Do one task during each commercial break while watching TV. You can do anything from clearing the dishes to straighten up the magazines etc.OMGKAV0277-3
4. Pee while sitting down. I bet you, your toilet will be much cleaner.

5. Make a conscious effort to put something away every time you get up to go to a different part of your home. This way in a single trip you will be able to do many things.

6. Buy anti-microbial doormats. It would be much better if you enforce a no-shoes policy. Tell your guests you have an Asian grandmother.

7. If you have carpet, keep Stomp ‘N Go pads for emergency stain removal. You will not need to do scrubbing anymore.

8. Shift to using body wash or liquid shower gel, not soap. You’ll get much less soap scum buildup in your tub.

9. You can avoid dusting by walking around your house in ‘Swiffer Socks’. All that you should avoid is roaming on wet surface.

10. Prefer multitask during idle time. While you’re cooking, do some dishes. Wipe down the sink every time you wash your hands. While you’re waiting for the hot water before a shower, tidy up the bathroom.

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