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10 things that happen when you start weight watchers

10 things that happen when you start weight watchers
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Here are the things that you must have experienced and can relate to when you start weight watchers:
1.    The first time you check your weight is the absolute worst one. You get shocked.OMGKAV0292-12.    You panic as usually the number is higher that you anticipated.OMGKAV0292-23.    Then you get a pocket guide and start reading out it and start consoling yourself by saying come on that’s not too late yet.OMGKAV0292-34.    Thoughts of all those good day when you used to spend a lot of time with pizzas, burgers keep on coming in your mind. You start feeling like those were the real days of life.OMGKAV0292-45.    Then, suddenly you are like why pizza, why burger? Why not the normal meals? Huh..OMGKAV0292-56.    The very first week when you start working out on your weight is the toughest one. It is really very hard to resist your favorite snacks.OMGKAV0292-67.    After controlling yourself from eating food full of calories, you go to check your weight again and you are like, come on let’s just do it.OMGKAV0292-78.    And then, when the results come, and even if you have lost just a half pound you are like, yay, I did it.OMGKAV0292-89.    Then you start thinking let me putt of jacket, socks, wrist, hat etc stuff, maybe I had lost more pounds.OMGKAV0292-910.    And yes, last but not the least, this is something most of us have done. We go to toilet and to ease ourselves and check out the weight again.OMGKAV0292-10

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