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10 ways to make your home safer

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Here are the simple ways you should follow to keep your home safer:

1. Never take a chance by leaving electrical problems pending at any point. Even the slightest fluctuation should be attended immediately. Always make it a rule to switch off appliances after use.OMGKAV0276-1
2. Ordinary appliances should be kept safely as they could be dangerous, especially with kids around. Make all the electrical outlets safe by safety plugging and child proofing them.OMGKAV0276-2
3. Safety is better than cure so, smoke alarms are a necessity and you must have the very best.

4. Full on darkness at home is dangerous. Keep interiors and exteriors well lit, this is very important especially at nighttime and also in winters when daylight is not very effective. The critical areas that need to be
illuminated are the stairs, outdoors and foyers.

5. Do not try to act heroic and attempt repair work of appliances involving undue risk. A lot of home accidents are the result of improper tampering with tools like lawnmowers and trimmers.

6. Make sure that the locks and bolts on doors and windows are in order and tamper-proof. Teach your children not to entertain queries from strangers and never invite strangers into your home.

7. Never share your information about working or school hours. Tell your family members to avoid telling people about schedules and routines. You should tell your children not to put personal information online.

8. Stay alert when driving vehicles in or out of your home. When you are backing the car up, watch out for children and pets on the road.

9. The risk of accidents is very high when you are getting maintenance or repair work done. Be prepared to react quickly to accidents or injuries.

10. Last but not the least, you should never leave stuff on stairs that may cause people to trip and fall. Be watchful when clearing snow from pathways that you do not heap it up in areas where people might walk.

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