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7 Most Dangerous Competitions In The World

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There are some extremely dangerous sports across the world that are threatening, but still a number of people take part in them and many spectators love watching them. Here are seven of the most dangerous competitions in the world.
1.    Alligator Wrestling Competition: Have you heard about the competition? The contest is exactly what it sounds. During the game, a competitor makes an alligator to come out of water on to the land. OMGVIS0299-12.    The World Sauna Championships: The competition may sound strange to you, but it still exists. It takes place in Finland where competitors are asked to sit in a heated room. The person who comes at last from the room is the winner.OMGVIS0299-23.    Shock-fighting: During the competition, two persons fight with each other. The thing that makes it a dangerous game is the gloves that competitors wear. Their gloves are fitted with tasers.OMGVIS0299-34.    Moto X: You may have watched this game on television and realized how dangerous the game is. During the game, a rider jumps from one side of the board to the other. While doing so, he performs stunts in mid-air.OMGVIS0299-45.    Dirt Track Racing: We used to play dirt race games on our computers. The game exists in the real world. During the game, participants drive their cars in dust. OMGVIS0299-56.    BASE Jumping: How about jumping from a cliff? BASE Jumping is one of the most dangerous games around the world. The participant who lands first becomes the winner. OMGVIS0299-67.    Ga-ga Ball Competition: It is an alternative of dodgeball which is played with one ball. According to the game’s rule, a player has to hit other players below the knees in order to kick them out of the game.      OMGVIS0299-7

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