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7 Things Every Woman Deserves

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Being a woman is not easy. A woman has to go through different phases of life. During her life, she plays the role of a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother. She does her best to be a good woman. Here are some of the things that every woman deserves.

1. Every single person on the planet has some dreams. Like man, woman must have the ability to do what she wants in her life. She must have the right to fulfill her dreams.OMGVIS0292-1
2. She plays all her roles perfectly and never complaints. She works very hard. At the end of the day, she must be given an opportunity to feel relaxed.OMGVIS0292-2
3. There are so many rules for women. They have to stay at home when it is dark outside. Like men, women also want to live their lives without any worry. So, they must be given the right to go wherever she wants to go without worrying about the clock.OMGVIS0292-3
4. When she is a wife, she does her best to make her husband happy. It becomes a husband duty to make sure that his wife is happy all the time.OMGVIS0292-5
5. A woman must have right to speak so that she can express what is good for her and what is not.OMGVIS0292-4
6. She is a wife and a mother, but it is not society’s job to expect her to be a homemaker. She should be given the right to decide what she wants to be.OMGVIS0292-6
7. A woman must have the right to choose her soul mate. There are some countries around the world, where parents decide everything about their daughter’s marriage and future.OMGVIS0292-7

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