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7 Types of Facebook Friends Everyone Has

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Your Facebook account has two kinds of people: those with whom you talk in real life and those you don’t. Your friend list has some people with whom you want to chat and there are some people whom you want to ‘unfriend’. Here are seven types of Facebook friends you will have:
1.    Incessant Taggers: Main motive of their life is to tag every person in their friend list. They usually tag you to nonsensical pictures. You are also annoyed by them. OMGVIS0291-12.    The Photographer: Such people have taken photography to a new level. They post pictures taken by their DSLRs. Every day, they post hundreds of photos of anything around them and think they are professional photographers. They also have a photography page.OMGVIS0291-23.    Those Who Discuss Their Life on Facebook: According to them, Facebook is their diary and they have to write everything about their day on it. They post about their mornings, afternoons, evening and nights. They share every sill thing about their life. OMGVIS0291-34.    Facebook Gamers: They use Facebook just to play games like Candy Crush. They usually annoy you by sending you game request and asking for lives. OMGVIS0291-45.    Self Obsessed: They love to take selfies and post them on Facebook. Adding to that, they like their own photos, posts and comments. They annoy you by asking for likes on their recent posts. OMGVIS0291-56.    Cried Wolf: They are always sad and want the world to know about them. They share their life experiences and ask people their opinion. OMGVIS0291-67.    The Creep: They are the people who never met in your life, but poke you whenever they get an opportunity. They like your comments, posts and photos to remind you that they are looking at you.         OMGVIS0291-7

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