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8 cool uses of milk

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Milk is a part of almost every refrigerator but few people realize some of the cool household uses for this common product. Here are some of them:
1.    At times after working in the garden or walking on the beach, our hands and feet get covered with calluses. Apply cold milk to the callused areas three times daily to soften them.OMGKAV0274-12.    You can ease the symptoms of sunburn with milk. When summer comes, people get sunburned. All you need to do to fight it is put cool milk on a cotton ball to take the sting out of sunburn.OMGKAV0274-23.    It’s very irritating when our makeup doesn’t get removed. Don’t worry you can remove the stubborn makeup with milk. Create a paste out of water and powdered milk to remove your makeup, as it is important to remove it every night before going to bed.OMGKAV0274-34.    You can create a facial mask with milk. By using a facial mask you can achieve healthier, more glowing skin. Milk moisturizes your skin and is perfect to add to a simple facial mask.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5.    Don’t let bug bites start to bug you. Insect bites can become irritating and itchy. Create a paste using water, milk and salt. Put the paste on the bites for some sweet relief.OMGKAV0274-56.    In case your silverware has lost all its shine, don’t worry. Just soak the silverware in the sour milk for about a half hour, wash and then rise it off with warm water to make it wonderfully clean. Now you have a good use for the sour milk lurking in the back of your refrigerator.OMGKAV0274-67.    Have your patent leather handbags and shoes become dull? Make them shine again by rubbing them with a dash of milk on a soft cloth. OMGKAV0274-78.    For centuries, people have been bathing in milk for fabulous skin. You can also do so just add a cup of whole milk or powdered milk to your bath water for amazing skin. After all, it worked for Cleopatra.


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