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8 recipes every lazy girl must know

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This is not what we can call cheating. It is rather a way of getting enough time post cooking meals:
1.    The ultimate lazy girl breakfast: Mix rolled oats with milk or yogurt before you go to bed and let your fridge do the rest.OMGKAV0295-12.    Ovens are for chumps. Lazy girls know you can make mug cake in the microwave in minutes. You can take a chocolate base with crushed Oreos mixed in.OMGKAV0295-23.    You can take some salty biscuits pack. All you need to do is put a mixture of your favorite veggies and cream on it and serve. It tastes awesome with tea.????????????????????????????????????4.    Are you tired but hungry at the same time? Don’t worry, all you need to do is just mash the bread into tiny bits and add it into tempering of onion, tomato, chilly and sauce. OMGKAV0295-45.    Take sweet butter or cashew or any sweet biscuits and add cream in between them. They will definitely stir your taste buds and will satisfy your hunger.OMGKAV0295-56.     One of the most common and best recipes for a lazy girl is tea or milk and bread. All you need to do is heat up bread with ghee or oil and little salt on it. OMGKAV0295-67.    Puff pastry + candy you have lying around = chocolate croissants the laziest girl on Earth could make.OMGKAV0295-78.    Is there any leftover of yesterday night present? If yes, just mix them up and make a morning sandwich with them.


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