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8 things you’ll know if you share your home with a dog

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A lot of people like to share their home with a pooch and here are things you can relate to very well:
1.    We use baby talks behind the closed door. We say who’s our little baby? Is there anyone who is so adorable? We use this kind of stuff to call or talk to our pooches.OMGKAV0291-1
2.    We try not letting the dog on the sofa when you come to visit. But they’ll be back on it the second you leave and they sleep on the bed.OMGKAV0291-23.    When we send anybody greeting cards on any occasion, we never forget to mention their name in it. After all they are a part of our family.OMGKAV0291-34.    We can’t even make out how doggy our home smells as we’re so used to it we can’t smell it anymore. But others can smell it when they visit so we have so many home cleaning products and smelly candles.OMGKAV0291-4
5.    There is dog’s hair on our cushions, bed sheets, clothes, and anywhere and everywhere. We can feel our dog’s presence in any part of our home.OMGKAV0291-56.    We have a collection of DVDs and books that have dogs in it and are thus dedicated to them.OMGKAV0291-67.    We like the smell of our dog’s ears and paw. They have a family touch in it. OMGKAV0291-78.    There is animal dried stuff, leftovers under the bed, and at many other places in our home. Thanks tour pooch.       OMGKAV0291-8

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