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10 Strange Things People Usually Do in Movie Theatres

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Most of the movie watchers love to watch movies in cinemas. But, there are some people around the world who prefer to watch movies at their home just because of some people who do annoying things in movie theatres. Here are some of those strange things.
1.    There could be some people who think movie theatre is the best place to talk. They are always ready with their commentary. They love to comment on every scene. OMGVIS0304-1
2.    Some people could not stay away from their phones. They use social media on their smartphones to make other people know what is happening in the movie. 75019469
3.    There are some movie-spoilers. They have already watched the movie and disclose everything about the next scene in the movie.OMGVIS0304-34.    Some movie watchers are so hungry that they start moving from here to there right after the movie starts. OMGVIS0304-45.    You will find some people in a movie theatre who think it is the right place to love someone. They grab your attention by some moans and groans.OMGVIS0304-56.    There could be some people who find fault in every scene. They feel like critics sitting behind you. OMGVIS0304-67.    Some people come with their friends. Their only motive is to comment on every scene and make fun of actors. OMGVIS0304-78.    Some people bring their kids to movie theatres. Their act of babysitting creates reverence in the hearts of the people sitting near them.OMGVIS0304-89.    Some movie watchers love shifting their seats. They are never comfortable where they are.OMGVIS0304-910.     There will be some people in the theatre who can laugh on every silly thing. They grab the attention of other with their laugh. OMGVIS0304-10

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